“I was stressed out and scared of the college admissions process until I met you.  You helped me put it in perspective and realize that I had many good choices before me.  Most of all, you taught me that I have control over my future.”

– Student, Stanford University, Class of 2015

Wise World Prep specializes in helping students maximize their chances of gaining admission to the schools of their choice.  Our process focuses on teaching each student to identify and present their core strengths, unique experiences, and passions in a powerful way.


Strategic Planning and Positioning
Through careful study, detailed analysis, and customized strategy, we advise students on creating memorable applications that delight admissions officers.  While it’s preferable to begin in 8th or 9th grade, we work with students at all stages.

Winning Essays
The multiple essays are a special opportunity for the student to shine and stand out.  With unsurpassed patience, clarity, and insight, we inspire and encourage students to develop their authentic voice and bring their extraordinary stories to life.

Personal Attention
Every student and family is different and is treated with positive, compassionate, and individual attention.  Meetings are in person and/or via phone, email, and video call.  We provide complete privacy and outstanding support, especially as deadlines near.

Proven Success
Wise World Prep’s approach is ultimately one of self-discovery.  The process is challenging and requires much hard work, and it has profound rewards.  We help students build confidence, gain wisdom, and learn skills that will serve them well in their pursuit of meaningful lives.

We specialize in the athletic recruitment process and the majority of our recruited athletes receive Likely Letters from their top choice college. From identifying summer programs that provide access to top coaches, preparing footage, and developing relationships with colleges, we love guiding athletes through the college application process.

International Students
Our counselors have lived, studied and worked across the globe, and we specialize in guiding international students to their top choice colleges in the US, UK, and Canada. The US application process is especially unique, and we provide expert advice based on over 20 years experience to help students maximize their chances of success.

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