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How Do Colleges Use the Waitlist?

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By May 1, high school seniors all across the world will have submitted their deposits to the colleges and universities they plan on attending in the fall. And while most of those students are fully committed to their choice, many still hold out hope that a different institution that placed them on the waitlist will find a space for them in the class of 2023.

Why a Gap Year Can Propel Your Success

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By this time of the year, flowers are blooming, once-bare trees have become lush, and most of your senior friends are proudly donning t-shirts from the colleges they will attend. Anticipation and excitement fill the air as everyone discusses the new cities they will move to and new people they will meet.

How to Make the Most out of the Summer Before Junior Year

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The summer before junior year represents a major transition in the life of a high schooler. No longer are you an underclassman. College is right around the corner.  

How to Make the Most out of the Summer Before Senior Year

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Finals are over. AP exams are in the rearview mirror. The seniors have graduated and the warmth in the air makes it clear: summer is almost here!

You’ve worked hard all year, and no one could be more ready for a long vacation than you are (well, maybe your teachers). The summer before senior year is a special time for many students, and there are many exciting changes coming just on the other side of it.

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