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How to Choose the Best Courses for Junior Year

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I’m sure you’ve heard that 11th grade is the most important year of high school in terms of your college admissions chances. And while each class you take is important and you should always do your best, it is true that admissions officers place an emphasis on junior year because it is the last full year before you apply where you can demonstrate what you know and are passionate about.

Colleges Begin Adopting Test-Optional Policies in Response to COVID-19 Pandemic

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Efforts to contain the spread of the coronavirus have far-flung consequences that filter all the way down through the education system, including the college process. As students try to maintain as much normalcy and routine as they can, we continue to monitor institutional responses to the changing realities of their applicants.

Questions You Should Ask Your College Counselor

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Your college counselor at school can be a powerful advocate for you through the application process. He or she is responsible for submitting school reports of your grades as well as a letter of recommendation. Should colleges have questions about your profile or school context, they are likely to reach out to your counselor, and some high school counselors have built long-term relationships with admissions officers of particular universities, giving them extra ammo to fight for your case.

Which is Better: Getting an “A” or Taking the Harder Class?

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Around this time in the semester, high school students begin to plot their course schedule for next year. And as they weigh their options, they’ll be confronted by the age-old dilemma: should I protect my GPA and earn the highest grade possible, or should I take a risk and challenge myself in a more difficult class that might result in a B or lower?

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