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4 Simple Ways to Write Many Excellent Supplements from 1 Theme

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If you’ve planned out your application writing process correctly, then you’ve made a list of every essay you’ll have to write before you began to draft them. And you’ve probably noticed that there is some overlap between what several of your colleges are asking you.

5 Personal Essay Topics You Should Avoid

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Let us first begin by qualifying that there is almost always an exception to the rule. Any college advice you receive should be filtered through your own personal experiences because something that may be true for the general population may not apply to you. So, we don’t want you to automatically disregard a story even if it appears on this list.

How to Use Demonstrated Interest to Your Advantage

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When admissions officers are deciding who they want to attend the college they represent, one factor that can make or break a student’s chances at many schools is demonstrated interest. This somewhat nebulous but nonetheless important term seeks to answer a basic question to the process: how clear have you made it that you love the schools high on your list and in what specific ways have you shown it?

Tried and True Time Management Tips for High School Seniors

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It goes without saying (OK we’ll say it) that senior year is incredibly busy. Many 12th graders have chosen to undertake the most difficult class schedule of their high school career, in addition to studying for standardized tests and completing dozens of college applications.

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