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5 Questions You Need to Ask Before Hiring an Admissions Expert

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Applying to college is a major commitment not just for high school seniors but their entire family. From visiting colleges to completing applications, soliciting letters of recommendation to acing interviews, there are many elements to this process that require a high level of thought and preparation.

How Sophomores Can Set Themselves Up for Success

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Now that you’re in the second semester of 10th grade, hopefully you’ve gotten the rhythm of high school down. By now, you should have an understanding of what your teachers expect from you, what kind of effort is necessary for you to succeed in your classes, and which extracurricular activities are most meaningful to you.

How to Have an Excellent Second Semester as a Junior

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The second semester of junior year is like the moment you pull back an arrow. With your eyes on the goal, you are preparing to launch into the start of the college application process with hopes of hitting the red mark: your dream school.

How to Overcome Senioritis

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The last six miles of a marathon can often be the most difficult for many runners. After 20 miles and hours of running, you hit the dreaded “wall” and “the wheels fall off.” Your body is pushed to its limits, and it’s all a mental game from there on out to cross the finish line.

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