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How Theater Students Can Grab the Spotlight

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On any given fall or spring weekend across high school campuses in America there’s a strong probability the theater department is staging a production (most likely of one of these popular plays). Students are honing their crafts as actors, pit crew, orchestra members, and sound technicians.

Application Advice for Third Culture Kids

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Third culture kids, called TCKs, are children who grew up in a nation that is different than their parents’ homeland. Their parents are often expatriates working as diplomats, military personnel, missionaries, business executives, or other positions that require relocating to new places.

Are Pre-College Programs Worth Your Time?

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Imagine spending your summer at Columbia or Stanford as a high school student, taking a college course on a topic that fascinates you while being immersed in the student life of your dream school.

The Intangibles that Move Admissions Officers

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Success is as much built on character as it is on intellect. We see this in the stories of the world’s most successful people. Bill Gates, principal founder of Microsoft, started The Giving Fund with Melinda Gates and Warren Buffet to inspire fellow billionaires to donate at least 50% of their wealth to charity; so far, they’ve gathered 190 pledges.

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