Seniors: Sign Up for USC and Yale On-Campus Admissions Interviews


Registration for on-campus admissions interviews with USC and Yale is NOW OPEN!  Please see below for school-specific guidelines.

We recommend that you choose an interview date later in the fall. When possible, schedule your interview near the end of your campus visit so you can share the great experiences you’ve had on campus.

Admissions interviews are often optional and not all colleges offer on-campus interviews, so please monitor the websites of the schools on your college list. Many schools provide the opportunity to interview with local alumni after you submit your application. Talk with your WWP counselor about how to schedule, prepare, and make the most of your interviews.

USC On-Campus Interview:

You can schedule your interview here. You will need a USC ID (which can be found on any communications from USC).  If you do not have one, you can get one by calling the USC Admissions Office at (213) 740-1111.

Interviews run from August through December, and they are scheduled on a space-available basis. Please note that slots fill up quickly.

You can sign up for an interview with the general Admissions Office or a specific department (where available).

Yale On-Campus Admissions Interview:

You can schedule your on-campus interview here.

Yale offers two interview options:

  1. A 30-minute on-campus interview conducted by a Yale senior. On-campus interviews are available on a space-available basis from late-June to mid-August and from mid-September to mid-November.
  2. An off-campus interview conducted by a local Yale alumnus. Alumni interviews are scheduled after a student submits his or her application.

**Please note that you can only choose one interview option: on-campus or with a local alumnus. Please discuss with your WWP counselor whether an on-campus interview or alumni interview is best for you.